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Hi, I am Mark. I appreciate you taking your valuable time to read my story and learn how I generate great income from home. Here, you will be able to get a hold of some powerful, effective money-making ideas and insights you won't find anywhere else! I’ve used all these ideas myself and you can say that whatever I am offering here is a result of positive experience that I find worth sharing with you. With me as your guide, YOU too can earn a solid, full-time income using the strategies that I have tested and proven myself.  

Mark's Story

So you’re probably wondering "Who is Mark and why should I be interested in his life story.” Trust me, it’ll get interesting if you stick around for a little while. So, here it is:

I'm 57 years old and I have previously worked in the architectural industry for the 22 good years. My wife Tracey and I have been married for 24 awesome years. We have two beautiful children, 17 and 13 years of age. We live in a gorgeous neighborhood in San Antonio, TX.




I have this theory I would like to share with you. We are stuck in what I call a mold that our parents created for us, a mold their parents taught them. It goes like this: you grow up, get a formal education and go work for someone for the next 30 years in exchange for money and benefits that you use to take care of your family. Then you retire at the age of 65 and are too old and/or broke to enjoy life.

I want to break that mold … now!

It struck me a few years back when I had to sit there at work and fill out my vacation request form. I wondered, why do I need to ask permission to go on holidays and vacations to have a good time with my family?

Have any of you felt the same way? My measly 3-weeks-a-year vacation. I thought it’s just crazy, asking for time off to go on vacation. Then, it just hit me.

Something from inside started telling me, “I don't want to do this anymore. I should go on vacation when I want and where I want.”

That's why I do what I do now.

How it all Began

In 2012, I got an opportunity to retire from my job and focus my time and energy on passive investments. I left the architectural industry far behind to pursue something I felt strongly about.

I developed an interest in passive income generation about 12 years ago, and avidly used to follow news and success stories of people who were able to break free from their daily struggles. I had tried going through the traditional route of getting an investment adviser and investing in mutual funds.

This was ok, but my returns were still not what I needed to get to where I wanted to go. So, I embarked on a quest to find out how to leverage my time and money using the internet.

My interest in passive income piqued after coming across a website called Wealth Vault . It really opened my eyes seeing the world of possibilities for generating passive income that were right in front of me, but somehow I (like many others) had missed entirely.

This is why I put this site together, to show you that it’s possible to achieve higher than normal returns. You just have to think outside the proverbial investment box.

Okay, Nice Story. But How Can Mark Molina Help You?

You're still with me, great! That means you can RELATE with me.

Let me begin by saying I like to tell it like it is – you won’t find some pie in the sky story here. You will learn EXACTLY what it takes to be successful in this new investment world. I'll also inform you of the risks that come with the territory.

I would be delighted to talk with you personally. Get on Facebook messenger, and we can talk one-on-one there m.me/mark.molina1. You can also reach me via email at: mark [at]passiveincomevault.com

Before you can begin, you must know THIS: If you are looking for a "Get Rich Quick, Cost Pennies" program, you came to the wrong place. I did my own survey and was quite surprised at the responses. Most people are seeking a cheap program that could make them millions overnight without having to put in any effort.

That would be great, wouldn't it?

Unfortunately, unless you rob a bank or win the lottery, nothing can make money like that. It was then I realized why all these so-called internet gurus are making millions. They are preying on our dreams. I just want you to know that I'm not going to do that. Moving on… 

I’d like to share these two concepts that have made me a small fortune – I believe you will benefit from them as well, so listen up …

It's all about leveraging the money you already have. Leverage is when you use investments, like forex robots, managed accounts, passive real estate, bitcoin, and others smartly.

The other thing I learned from what I like to call J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), is that there are not enough hours in a week to create true wealth. You will always be trading hours for dollars, and in the end, you won’t have anything left. This really works against you.

Right now, the only difference between me and you is knowledge. I don’t mean I am smarter than you – it’s just that I have done all the research and learned what works and what doesn’t.

With the incredible ideas and insights I’ve given on this website, you will be able to leverage the money you have saved up, while sidestepping J.O.B. And the best part, you will have me by your side throughout your journey, because I will be 100% involved in the program to see you climb the ladder.

Who can Benefit from my Website

The information I’ve shared here is invaluable if you find yourself in one of these groups:

Group #1
You're a newbie to the investment world who isn’t sure where to start. Or maybe you're tired of mediocre returns from your current investments, and you're want to go big this year.

Group #2
You're a passive investor with a few success stories under your belt. Yet, you want to earn smarter and more efficiently. Or you've been jumping from investment to investment, each time hoping things will get better... but things aren't looking good for you, are they? 

Group #3
You're a successful investor. You've made (or are making) good money, but are just burned out on the daily grind of being at your computer all day, and not getting the results you want. Now you’re just seeking an opportunity to get off the treadmill once and for all.


Interested in Learning More?​

Explore my website, go through different ideas and options, see what matches your taste, and feel free to connect with me anytime on Facebook messenger @mark.molina1 <Let me know who you are by saying 'Passive income vault'.

Also, join our facebook group at http://fb.com/passiveincomevault

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