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Welcome to Arbistar2.0!


Arbistar is fully automated Arbitraging Trading software that trades your Crypto for you through 13 different exchanges.





The simultaneous buying and selling of an asset (Crypto) on different markets to profit from the price difference between those markets.

In a highly simplified example of how cryptocurrency arbitrage works, you would search for a specific coin that’s cheaper on Exchange A than on Exchange B. You then buy the coin on Exchange A, sell it for a higher price on Exchange B and pocket the difference making the trade RISK FREE...

All this is done for you passively by our ARBISTAR SOFTWARE.


Community Bot: (€100 Min - €50k)

•No initial cost

•100% automatic

•Profits managed by Arbiatar Company

•Estimated (1-2% daily return)

•Weekly payouts on Saturdays

•Withdraw investment at anytime (take upto 60 days to receive) reason being to stop system exploitation.

•Transparency shown with live trades


Personal Bots: €5000

•24 month license

•13 exchanges

•Arbitrage crypto & BTC/USDT

•No limits on trades or BTC

•Total control of Funds

•Estimated Return (1-10% daily)


Arbistar Friend Plan


* Personal Bots Commissioned at 6% on total purchase on each level, 10 levels deep.

* You will make €300/personal bot sold

* Community Bot are commissioned at 2% on directs and Indirects in weekly returns. 10 levels deep, without limits.


Extra Direct Bonus:

* Every €100,000 of turnover in direct sales, Arbistar will pay you €10,000 Commission.


World Bonus:

* Those people who reach a €1,000,000 in sales from directs and Indirects infinity levels deep along with their 1st direct level with (€30,000) personal sales will qualify to enter the World Bonus for life.

* This Bonus will distribute 5% of the profits from the company.

* You will be part of the World Club by receiving travel, gifts, preferential treatment at public events & VIP recognition

* Valuable to our company in your opinions and recommendations for Arbistar’s Future Growth.

* Paid always on the first Saturday of the month.


Please do your due Diligence before joining & contact the admin for any questions.


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United States residents use country: Virgin Islands/ U.S.


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Coinbase - Click Here to sign up<<


🌟Available on AppStore here :Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet by Mycelium SA


🌟BitPay wallet:Secure Bitcoin Wallet by BitPay, Inc.

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