High Yield Investing That Only The Rich Used....Until Now

Think high yield investing is not for ordinary people like you and me? Think again.

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Just because you’re not fabulously wealthy doesn’t mean that making your money work for you has to be limited to the 1% (if you’re lucky) interest rate you get on your savings account. In fact, there are high yield investments which are available to everyone, ranging from high yield mutual funds to real estate to the stock market and beyond; but of course, everyone has a different idea of what a “high yield” is. Some people might consider a relatively modest 5% – 6% to be high yield, while others are looking for 10% and above.

Essentially, it all comes down striking a balance between how high of a return you’re looking for on your investment versus the degree of risk that you’re willing to assume to get this rate of return. Of course, most of us are probably a little more risk averse than your average billionaire, at least if you live by the adage that you shouldn’t invest any money which you can’t afford to lose, but we all have a different tolerance for risk when it comes to our own money, so this is up to you.

Some investments the rich use that you should consider too:

Non-Investment Grade Bonds

Don’t let the phrase “non-investment grade” fool you. One of the best high yield investments for the average person turns out to be something which most of us think as a fairly safe (and usually low yield) investment vehicle: mutual funds. Depending on your broker or investment manager, you can choose mutual funds which include all manner of different investments, including low rated debt securities – and in case you were wondering, yes, these are what are often known as junk bonds.

However, unlike investing in junk bonds on your own, going through a mutual fund gives you the advantage that these bonds have had some sort of oversight by your broker, at least if they’re worth the fees you’re paying them. These bonds do have some risk associated with them, but when they’re well-chosen bonds which are part of a well-managed mutual fund, they can give investors an excellent return – higher than the returns you’d see from higher rated bonds, in fact.

Real Estate Investment

You don’t have to be rich to invest in real estate either. There are many opportunities in real estate which don’t require a huge buy-in and can provide a high yield (in the neighborhood of 10% in many cases), especially in commercial real estate, which has the added benefit of a generally lower risk. Real estate investments can be fairly complex, however, meaning that this is one high yield investment you’ll definitely want to put in the hands of a professional who can manage your investment for you responsibly.

Managed Commodity Futures Trading

There’s a lot of money to be made in commodity futures – and also a lot of risk, which is why this is a high yield investment you’ll want to approach with caution. If you have some money to invest and you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, this is something which is worth considering.

Hold Buy Sell

You’ll need to do some shopping around to find a broker who specializes in this area; expertise and industry knowledge matters a great deal here, although in the right hands, commodity futures can provide investors who are willing to take on a little more risk with a very high return.

Automated Forex Trading

If you want to manage your own money in the market, avoid the related management fees, but still have great resources, there is another high-yield option for you: automated Forex trading. There are tools available that use an auto-trading robot to operate based on specific market movements and price settings. Everything is completely automated, so you do not have to have the technical expertise or time to sit and watch the market all day to determine what trades to make. The robot does it for you while all you have to do is enjoy the passive income that it provides and the financial freedom that you are looking for.

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