What is Passive Income?


Passive income is naturally attractive because it doesn't require your direct "hands on" involvement to get paid.

Imagine setting up an income stream today that makes money for you for years to come.

Now, imagine setting up 5 or more different streams running on all cylinders at all times...

And every one of them are pulling in a passive income for you week after week and month after month whether you work or not.

Welp, this is not only a normal, everyday reality for me, but it has been for many years.

Pretty much every single day, Monday thru Friday, I wake up to passive profits of anywhere between $100 to $1,000+.

In order to earn true "work-free" passive income while you sleep, you need to control income-producing assets.

This include things like:

  • Rental properties produce passive income

  • Bonds produce passive income

  • Dividend-paying stocks produce passive income


There are literally thousands of sites, books and courses that can teach you about generating passive income from these low-ROI traditional assets, so I'm not gonna rehash them here.

However, there's a little-known high-ROI investment vehicle that produces 100% passive income, yet doesn't get covered by the mainstream media: automated trading systems.

Let me be clear. I'm NOT referring to scammy High-Yield Investment Programs you may have heard about (or even tried).

Programs that promise to pay you 1% to 2%+ daily on your money are nothing but fraudulent money games designed to do one thing very, very well: rip you off!

I've personally lost almost six figures with HYIPs over the past 20+ years.

Which is why the ONLY type of passive income opportunities I share with my visitors and students are those that are regulated and transparent.

Sidebar: Passive income programs (like the ones you'll find on this page) require absolutely NO recruiting, marketing or effort to make money.

You can sign up and start making money by yourself without ever telling a soul about them.

So if you don't want to build a team, recruit or sell something, passive income programs are the way to go.

Just keep in mind that most of the passive income opportunities I'm personally involved in allow you to refer others and earn affiliate commissions if you want to, but that's totally optional.

For my vetted list of handpicked income opportunities visit "WEALTH BUILDERS"