Managed Investing in Stock Market Activity 

for High Returns

If you are thinking you want to become a real estate investor but are afraid of all the headaches that come with it, you may still want to consider the opportunity

real estate investing

The Current Real Estate Market

The real estate market, like the market in general, is volatile at the moment. However, this is a market which is seeing a steady pace of recovery in most parts of the US as well as much of the rest of the industrialized world. What this means for investors is that this is still an excellent time to get involved in real estate. Prices are still at near historic lows, but rebounding rapidly enough in most places that investors can expect to see a healthy return on their investment in the near to medium term.

Keeping in mind that the market is a cyclical one, it’s all but assured that investors will see a profit at some point – it’s just a question of how much and how soon that they’ll get a return on their investment. At least with the right strategy, real estate can be an excellent opportunity for passive income, even for those who are feeling risk averse in the wake of the recent economic slump. It’s no longer the case that the real estate market is the province of the reckless and irresponsible investor; in fact, it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to add something to their portfolio that can produce a healthy return without requiring a lot of work on their part.

Consider the Investment Property Options

Actually, you can become a real estate investor and see a profit without doing much at all. One way is to invest in commercial, rather than residential real estate and to use a managed investment strategy. The commercial real estate market is healthier than most people would have you believe and an experienced financial adviser or investment firm can produce an excellent passive income while working on your behalf.

Wisely chosen, properly managed (and just as importantly, responsibly underwritten) commercial property investments are every bit as safe and lucrative as any other investment vehicle you might care to name – but all of the above qualifiers are very important. There are still some irresponsible real estate wealth management firms out there, which makes choosing your real estate investment manager carefully very important, to say the least.

Multiple or single-family residential property investments can also be a good source of passive income for you if you find a good management company to handle the day-to-day tasks related to rental real estate.  This way, you get the great return on your money, but the headaches are handled by someone else.

When you become a real estate investor in this way, those headaches are gone because you basically become an absentee landlord. You can outsource your holding using an REI broker who will purchase the property for you, renovate it and have someone manage it for you, too.  It simply becomes another part of the overall hands-free passive income portfolio for you.

Find a Good Investment Manager to Help

Your investment manager should be honest about what to expect from your investments.  You are creating a business relationship which will grow over time as it continues to bring in a respectable passive income for you, the investor. How respectable, you ask? It all depends on exactly what the market is like where you’re investing and the properties your investment manager is working with.

As with any other kind of investment, there is some risk involved; that’s why you want to deal with a skilled financial advisor or wealth management firm who can lend their expertise as you become a real estate investor. Some real estate investments are riskier (albeit often with higher potential returns) than others, but you should discuss with your investment manager how much risk you’re comfortable with in order to develop a managed real estate investment strategy you’re happy with. With the right professionals in your corner, you can do quite well in real estate – while leaving all of the work to them!

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