Guys and gals, something I need to lay out here real quick:

I see people asking all kinds of questions around the validity of the opportunities out there. While we need to do due diligence I see people don't have a clue what kinds of questions to ask. They rely on an archaic model to ask questions to try to decipher if something is credible or not. They question the wrong things in a white paper. Or they ask, "who are the founders?" Not a bad question unless you think it's going to lead you to the truth. It's very easy for any founder/owner/representative of any organization or institution to make up a lot of bullshit, just like every bank did that led to the collapse of the real estate market, as just ONE example.

So what questions DO do you need to ask? What about the founders DO you need to know?

I will create a video discussing this because without understanding what I'm about to share here first, you can't even begin to ask the right questions and figure out how to navigate the REAL world of opportunity, which is turbulent, constantly changing and full of surprises, as it has been in every developing market that offered regular people huge returns and opportunity throughout history.

Before we can even begin to know how to analyze a REAL opportunity one must get this part FIRST:

Nearly every institution our society "trusts" right now is a scam... and a far bigger and more dangerous one than the worst scams out there in crypto currency.


99% of people in the US, up until very recently, believed (by design) that the Federal Reserve was a government institution working only for the interests of US citizens, and still only a fraction realize now it's a private institution that profited on our backs by selling all the gold that once secured the value of the dollar. The move made a handful of people mega rich while the rest of the country got screwed. Scam. Big time. Yet, people still use the dollar even after they discovered this were the case.


Most middle class, lower middle class and poverty line families still believe (by orchestrated design) that if they take out tens or even hundreds of thousands in debt to send their kids to college there's a good deal waiting for them on the other side. Scam.


Do people really think they know what's going on behind closed doors on Wall Street? The real estate and "near-entire economy" collapse of 2008 is just the ONE TIME we know about because it got THAT bad.

Scams are ingrained in everything we accept as "safe and secure." Yet, few people question these institutions because they are trained not to. They accept that what institutions say is the truth if it is presented within a certain framework.

Even those of us who know what's up use these institutions and follow along. We're all perpetuating incredibly dangerous scams. No doubt about it.

So why do we start to question so much the validity of something when the major difference is we have a chance to win big in the deal? Brain washed.

This doesn't mean we should not be looking for the most legit combo of best returns with minimized risk, and to align with people who have the intentions to create a win-win. But when someone writes, 'is this a scam?" you know they are clueless. That is not a valid question that leads one to the truth of the matter. Nor do most of the other questions I see people asking. Questions that made sense in the past just don't anymore.

I say to all... move forward with eyes wide open from here. Don't judge the institution's truly epic and ongoing scams as being somehow "superior" to the ones you have access to. Everything, one way or another, can be construed as a scam by someone for some reason. What's interesting is that the scammiest of programs available to everyone in cryptocurrency are actually far less scammy and MUCH MORE transparent than what the institutions sell as safe and secure to the mainstream. Hilarious when you think about it.

The reality is that there are opportunities available in cryptocurrency now that are very legit and offer returns that we have never been able to see in history before, because of the scope, speed of innovation, and scale of the blockchain.

These opportunities can set people up for life, and even their family's future generations up for life. It's happening for thousands of people each and every day and has been for over a year now.

The key is knowing what to look for and to realize that, of course, there is risk. But the point is to consistently minimize this risk WHILE maximizing gains.

And to realize the only REAL WAY to ever remove risk is to remove the "maximizing gains" part of the equation, too.

But in this economy and the world we live in today, that seems very risky to me.

What is happening now is decentralization. Peer-to-peer transaction systems using the blockchain. It will impact every economy and market and niche we know. It's already created new ones. This changes the paradigm and threatens every institution as we know it now.

And the good news? It's unstoppable.

Capitalizing on all this is not about figuring out if something is a scam or not. It's about knowing how to make good decisions with your money and time so you can accomplish your dream goals quickly.

The questions most are asking are NOT going to lead a person to accurate conclusions.

I will soon create a long-ass video breaking all this down and laying out what to look for when navigating how to maximize gains and minimize risk in the REAL world of opportunity. I'll share what questions you should be asking and what you should be looking for. I believe anyone who watches that video will agree because it really isn't that complicated when you break outside the box of conditioning and just look at what's really going on here.