What is Bitcoin?

Great documentary about how Bitcoin was born, How the BTC Miners work, The difference in Wallets and Blockchain Technology. Unlike Altcoins, Bitcoin has a Store Of Value. Millions of Merchants have come on board (growing every day) accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Part of Its intrinsic Value is Electricity. They are now calling in a Commodity, not just a currency and deemed as legal currency in some countries already. It discusses the ease of transferring money, the privacy and the lack of privacy and time it takes with the Banks and regular Accounts. Unlike Fiat Currency that has not had any intrinsic Value, not backed by any precious metals since 1971 and can be minted by the Powers that Be on worthless paper which is devaluing the dollar and driving inflation sky high, Bitcoin is limited to 21 Million, no more, no less, somewhat like Gold. This ensures it's continuing growth in value. Because you can acquire Bitcoin in micro fragments, It makes it affordable for everyone. This is a Community run Phenomenon. The New Payment System! This is the New Monetary/Economic System.

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