Is There Such a Thing Like Passive Real-Estate Investing?

The short answer: Yes, there is.

The better answer: there are several ways to do it as well.

Passive real estate is arguably one of the most profitable ways of generating passive income by investing in the real estate market. Passive income generation has significantly gained ground over the past few years, as it allows you to make money without actually spending a lot of time or money in the process. Similarly, passive real estate investing is a great way of ensuring a steady income, allowing you to have a stream of funds for your extra expenses and retirement.

Passive Real Estate Investing – What’s it all About?

The real estate investing realm has changed dramatically, with new ways to generate income from the real estate market. Nowadays, you don’t have to own a number of commercial or residential rental properties to make significant profits. Not only it requires huge capital investment, but also a lot of time and energy, involving complicated processes and procedures. On the other hand, passive real estate investing requires directly your monetary resources and time to opportunities without actually owning any property.

Here are a few great ways of starting your journey of passive real estate investing:

Realty Shares

Realty Shares is one of the most popular online investment hubs that gathers borrowers, investors, and sponsors under one roof and allows them to work together to provide opportunities for real estate investments. You may find a lot of property investment platforms online that offer only large property investment projects. In case of Realty Shares, you will have the luxury to choose from a broad variety of property investment options to participate in as an investor, ranging from small apartment buildings to single house flips and larger rental complexes.


A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a well-known investment vehicle for passive real estate income generation. It is quite similar to a mutual fund, as it carries several investments within each fund. However, the main difference between a REIT and mutual fund is that all of investments are related to real estate. For example, a REIT may comprise of ownership of timber land, shopping malls, warehouses, and commercial office buildings. The best thing about REITs is that they accompany less amount of risk for investors due to a variety of investments, as compared to investing in a single property, like timber land.

Traditional rental property ownership, real estate crowdfunding, and turnkey projects are other options that you can use to start a passive income stream that will benefit not only you, but also your next generation.


It is another investment platform, but it works quite differently from Realty Shares. The main focus of Fundrise is on commercial real estate, in the form of what is popularly known as eREITs. It refers to a hybrid form of a traded REIT and a non -traded REIT. The major benefit of opting for this option is that it allows you to grab on to investment opportunities at a lower fee as compared to a traditional REIT.

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