Top Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites You Should Know About

Being the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has meteorically risen from a few dollars to whopping thousands of dollars, and is quickly becoming the preferred investment option for many investors. With the need to effectively analyze, research, and understand Bitcoin and other digital currencies, a number of cryptocurrency visualization websites are available on the internet. These websites make it easy for people to view the statistics associated with different digital currencies and predict the future trends with the help of amazing visualizations that make the entire experience more interactive and interesting.

Let’s have a look at some of the best cryptocurrency visualization websites that you may want to visit if you are following different digital currencies:

The Real-Time Bitcoin Globe As the name suggests, the website has a real-time globe that features transactions and blocks representing blockchain of Bitcoin from across the world. The globe is similar to Earth and spins to the location whenever a transaction takes place in countries like Europe, United States, United Kingdom, China, and others. When using this website, you can zoom in on the locations and get details on the data of the mining pool from which the latest transaction or bitcoin was mined. It is an interesting way of visualizing the bitcoin economy, and considering how rapidly it spins to show the locations, it is safe to say that a lot of people are taking interest in this investment vehicle.

This website is a cryptocurrency visualization tool that provides quick insights into the current market state, as well as depicts the relationship between different digital currencies in terms of their trade volumes and capitalizations. The homepage of shows rectangles and squares representing each cryptocurrency by their volume and market caps—the bigger the two aspects, the larger the shape. It is a unique and interesting way of painting the complete picture of the cryptocurrency ecosystem for people to quickly grasp the current exchange rates and valuations.

Map of Coins

Another interesting website is Map of Coins that provides the users with an extensive historical data behind different altcoins and Bitcoin in existence to date, with the help of a branch-like representation. If you select Bitcoin to get a map and want to get large visualizations including all the altcoins that have been copied or not copied from the Bitcoin protocol, you can get complete information in the form of a map.


Of all the major cryptocurrency visualization websites, Bitbonkers offers the most unique and interactive experience of the blockchain transactions and blocks of Bitcoin. When you visit the website, you will see that cubes and balls are falling from above with a certain value imprinted on them. The giant spheres represent the recent transactions while the huge cubes represent the recently mined blocks. Moreover, for making things simpler, different colors and sizes of balls and cubes hold a value range; for example, a large purple ball represents 1000 BTC, and as the size gets smaller, the value reduces as well.

So, if you want to learn about the Bitcoin economy, visit one of the above Bitcoin visualization websites and get the information you are seeking in a unique and interesting way.

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