Highlights of the Nexus Earth Conference on Blockchain Technology

The first Nexus Earth conference was the first ever event that focused on blockchain technology. The conference gathered experts, leaders, and pundits of blockchain technology and related field under one roof and considered a wide variety of future possibilities of the crypto-ecosystem. The individuals belonged to finance, political, cryptocurrency, technology, and economic sectors worldwide. They discussed about the different future avenues of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and what would be the possible implications for the society as we know it.

The Nexus Earth Conference

The conference was held between September 21 and 23 in Aspen, Colorado. The 3-day event engaged some of the sharpest and brilliant minds on the planet belonging to a variety of fields. So many greater speakers shed light on important topics pertaining to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through supporting activities that were planned for each day. The conference left no stone unturned to make sure that the attendees had an experienced packed with fun, interaction, and education.

There were 47 speakers invited to the conference from different industries and professional backgrounds. With such a diverse lineup, people were able to learn about how this trending technology can be used in multiple disciplines and used for creating ways to benefit everyone. The featured speakers included Brett Tabke, Arry Yu, Colin Cantrell, Charles, Hoskinson, Roger Ver, and others, who are known as the experts of the blockchain/cryptocurrency realm.

The overall conference provided an experience that was beyond remarkable. Each presentation and speaker offered the audience an eye-opening overview of a distinct subject matter, like artificial intelligence, Federal Reserve Bank, quantum computing, and many others, while keeping the theme of the conference intact through and through. There were also reporter interviews, documentary rehearsals, and conversations among group of experts happening behind scenes.

Purpose of the Nexus Earth Conference

The Nexus Earth conference was a unique event, mainly because it had a distinct purpose from what has been researched and debated about blockchain technology. Since more and more people are learning about the blockchain and cryptocurrency and seeing them as a great opportunity, it is high time for experts to evaluate its potential and work on its future prospects. This is because blockchain technology is rapidly gaining ground and developing its roots in many different fields and industries. The Nexus Earth Conference became the platform where industry leaders and experts from around the world shared ideas and discussed different aspects of this technology.

The idea of the Nexus Earth Conference was originally put forward by Colin Cantrell, who had the concept of ‘decentralizing the decentralization’ in mind. The purpose of this conference was well-explained on the Nexus’s website:

The Nexus Conference is a unique event with a distinct purpose. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are becoming more mainstream as folks from many different backgrounds realize the potential. The technology touches so many different industries and fields. This event brings brilliant minds from different backgrounds together…The Nexus Conference is about sharing ideas, not just business cards. Come to Aspen and be a part of this historic inaugural event that promises to be like no other conference that you’ve ever attended.”

The Nexus Earth Conference was truly a remarkable event.

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